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Sosyu Genkoroku III [Makoto ni Iku]
scheduled to be released around July 20, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, tax included¥2,200, 320 pages,
scheduled to be released around July 20.

“Sincerity is the true “Tear” of every human life. For the sake of those tears, humans have overcome any suffering.” ――― from the preface of Shigyo Sosyu [Makotoni Iku]

This time, from Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, Ltd., Shigyo Sosyu’s new series of Sosyu Genkoroku III [Makoto ni Iku] will be released around July 20, 2024. (¥2,200 (price including tax) ISBN:978-4-408-65102-6, 320 pages)

Sosyu Genkoroku is a compilation of talks given by the author at lectures, and the third book, titled “Makoto ni Iku,” contains lectures given at Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Nihon Koen Shinbun, lectures given at the Japanese Medium-sized Business Management Course hosted by Hollywood Graduate School, lectures given at reading circle of Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kyushu University, and also contains lectures from the internet educational program 10mTV Opinion.

With these chapters, this volume summarizes Shigyo Sosyu’s view of life for [Makoto ni Iku].

The Zen phrase “Doppo Seiten” was chosen by Shigyo Sosyu as the fundamental attitude for “Makoto ni Iku.” Shigyo Sosyu says it means “When Sincerity takes on a physical body, we can walk in the heavens.”

Part 1: “Nihon teki” no Kongen (Fountainhead of Japanese way)
Part 2: Riso ni Ikiru (Living the Ideal)
Part 3: Makoto ni Iku (Live in Sincerity)
Part 4: Burenai Jiku towa (What is Stable Axis?)
Part 5: Ningen ryoku ni Semaru (Approaching Human Power)

Sosyu Genkoroku III [Makoto ni Iku]

Sosyu Chronicle of Words and Deeds II [Human Destiny]
July.19, 2023, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, tax included¥2,200, 304 pages, Favorably on sale at bookstores.

“The reader has a destiny, and I have a destiny. The dialogue between these two destinies is the life of this book.” ――― From the Foreword of “Human Destiny” by Shigyo Sosyu.

Sosyu Genkoroku is a compilation of talks given by the author at lectures, and the second book, titled “Human Destiny,” contains four lectures given by the author at the NPO Hito no Kyoiku no Kai, the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, the Authorized NPO Nihon o Utsukushikusuru-kai・Kagiyama Kyoshi-juku, and Ningengaku-juku・Nakanoshima.

In this book, Shigyo Sosyu’s theory of Destiny is summarized, and how we should think about “Human Destiny.”

In addition, the Zen phrase “Dokuza Daiyuho (独座大雄峰)” (from [Hekiganroku (碧巌録)]), which means simply sitting alone on a mountaintop, was chosen by Shigyo Sosyu as the fundamental attitude for each of us to live life to the fullest.

Part 1: Shin no Ningen to wa nanika? (What is the Genuine Human?)
Part 2: Unmei to Kotsuryoku (Destiny and Bone Power).
Part 3: Ningen no Kanka-ryoku ni tsuite (On the Human Inspiring Power).
Part 4: Unmei ni ikiru (Live in Destiny).

[Logos of Life - words that Created Myself]

[Logos of Life - words that Created Myself]
Jan.30, 2023, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, tax included¥2,750, 432 pages, Favorably on sale at bookstores.

“The reader has a destiny(運命), and I have a destiny(運命). The dialogue between these two destinies is the life(命) of this book.” ――― From the Foreword of “Human Destiny” by Shigyo Sosyu.

For three years, in Shigyo Sosyu Official Website, the words of great people have been introduced as “Sosyu Favorite Phrase” along with the short sentences describing their encounters and significance in life, and have updated it once a week.

The contents of this “Sosyu Favorite Phrase” will be released as a book, and will be published as a deluxe book with hand-drawn illustrations of great people (illustration by Takada Noriko). In addition to the words of 187 people on the internet site, three new Favorite phrases are added in the book. It is a book that you can keep at hand as a book that you can read over and over again. [Logos of Life] that the author himself describes in the preface saying, that it is the life itself of Shigyo Sosyu.

[Logos of Life - words that Created Myself]

[True Nature of Enthusiasm]
Nov.1,2022, Business-sha, Inc., tax included ¥1,650,Favorably on sale at bookstores.

How can humans enhance the enthusiasm and achieve good results? Is it right to approach things with self-confidence? The two who have overcome hardships in business fully spoke on their philosophies on work and life.

This time, titled [True Nature of Enthusiasm], co-authored by Mr. Tamura Jun and Shigyo Sosyu, The two had dialogues in the cultural-intelligence media 10mTV Opinion, which features experts from various fields such as professors of The University of Tokyo and other Japanese university professors and executive officers of leading companies.

The programs titled [What is the Genuine Enthusiasm?] [On Self-confidence] have been well received, and in addition to the contents of these dialogues, newly interviewed Mr. Tamura Jun on “Shiawase to Gyoseki-kojyo (Happiness and Business-result Improvement),” and Shigyo Sosyu on “Yoku ikiru towa (What is to Live Well?)” respectively are included. As a bible for those who are agonizing over business and life, it will be released in a compact size that is easy to carry and has a condensed content.

Chapter 1: Work skills that combine Happiness with achieving Good Results ――― Tamura Jun
Chapter 2: What is the Genuine Enthusiasm? ――― Shigyo Sosyu・Tamura Jun
Chapter 3: On Self-confidence ――― Shigyo Sosyu・Tamura Jun
Chapter 4: What is to Live Well? ――― Shigyo Sosyu

[True Nature of Enthusiasm]

Sosyu Chronicle of Words and Deeds Ⅰ [Japanese Aesthetics]
June 26, 2022, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, Ltd., tax included¥2,200, 367 pages
Favorably on sale at bookstores.

This time, from Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, Ltd., Shigyo Sosyu’s memorable first volume of the new series of [Japanese Aesthetics] is on sale. Sosyu Chronicle of Words and Deeds is a compilation of what the author has spoken at the lectures, etc., and the first volume is entitled [Japanese Aesthetics] and it contains four lectures given at Ishiki Kaikaku Daigaku sponsored by Mr. Kamiya Sohei.

The tearing line by the pen designed on the cover was depicted by Shigyo Sosyu imaging Zen words “Rekko Hakkon (Tear the old, and break the present. Deny old conventions and customs, and further deny the current trends. Inquire the true value beyond oldness and newness.)” (from Daisen Fusai “Quotations”)

Chapter Ⅰ: Seimei Nensho to Bushido (Combustion of Life and Bushido)
Chapter Ⅱ: Nihonjin no Dokusho (The Japanese Book Reading)
Chapter Ⅲ: Korekara no Nihon o Kangaeru tameni (To Consider about the Future of Japan)
Chapter Ⅳ: Seijika ni Hitsuyona Bigaku (Aesthetics Needed for Politicians)

Sosyu Chronicle of Words and Deeds Ⅰ [Japanese Aesthetics]

[Cho Hagakure-ron (Transcend Hagakure Theory)]
July 28, 2021, Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd., tax included¥2,200 , 408 pages
Favorably on sale at bookstores.

To live Hagakure is an agony. It shall bring forth sorrow and groan. However, from this suffering, true-self shall come into being. It shall become the true-self entrusted with cosmic mission.  ―― from [Transcend Hagakure Theory]

A Great Book of Philosophical Thought dealing directly with Hagakure.

Following [Datsu Ningen-ron (De Human Theory)] (by Kodansha Ltd.) reprinted about 1 month from publication, it is a voluminous work of over 400 pages. In the first part over 230 pages of newly written contemplation chapter, he drastically dissected “Hagakure, which he places in the essentials of his living-way from every angle. “Hagakure” not of the stand point of morality and how-to, but it is a definitive edition of Bushido philosophical thought expanding from living-way itself to cosmology.

The second part question-and-answer chapter is interview to further understand the philosophical thought of the first part, and editorial staffs of Jitsugyo no Nihon Ltd. ask questions from various angles. And through the answers understanding of the philosophical thought shall be enhanced.

[Cho Hagakure-ron (Transcend Hagakure Theory)]

[Seikou ni Kachi wa Nai! (No Value in Success!)]
Aug.4,2021, Business-sha, tax included¥1,540, 224 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

When one is born, until the day one die, throw oneself to everything and continue practicing it. This is Bushido.There is no gain or loss, and good or bad.
―― from [No Value in Success!]

Contemporary Samurai Shigyo Sosyu will solve all ordinary problem!
 It is easy to read book for young business persons of 20 – 40 years of age, and Shigyo Sosyu answered to 64 queries of variety of worries of life in question-and-answer form. He kindly, meticulously and clearly gives suggestion to ordinary worries such as work, money, family and human relation from the living-way of Bushido.

[Seikou ni Kachi wa Nai! (No Value in Success!)]

[Datsu Ningenn Ron (De Human Theory)]
Oct.20, 2020, Kodansha Ltd., tax included ¥2,530, 528 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

Now, we are living in the era of “Human Corrosion.” We shall see the Flesh ruining the Human. Human is the Soul. Human is not a mere living-being. When the Flesh decays, Rebirth of Human must be beginning.
―― Shigyo Sosyu

Following [Ikuru (To Live)], [Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)] [Kongen-e (To the Origin)], it is a definitive edition of civilization theory inquiring the meaning of existence of Human from the root. Trifled with over-extreme Humanism, the present people have lost their inherent vigorous energy. Now the only way left for us in such situation is to abandon the present “Human” view, and “Just Live all Alone, Die all Alone.” Thus Shigyo Sosyu intensely sounds an alarm. It is a book of Warning and Hope to once again regain the intrinsic Human “Soul” in this difficult Material-is-Everything era.


Chapter 1 : Departure of Human
Chapter 2 : Verification of Human
Chapter 3 : Origin of Human
Chapter 4 : History of Human

Chapter 5 : Conquest of Human
Chapter 6 : Honor of Human
Chapter 7 : Future of Human
Chapter 8 : End of Human

[Datsu Ningenn Ron (De Human Theory)]

[Gendai no Kosatsu (A Study of Actuality)] —Live Solely by Own-self—
Dec. 24, 2019 PHP Institute, Inc. ¥3,850 (including tax) 816 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

Good or bad does not matter. Fortunate or unfortunate does not matter.
Only to throw my life to everything “Here and Now.”

Based on the lectures held at PHP Institute for over one year, which were 2 hours lecture and over 4 hours of questions and answers session every time・total of 6 lecture sessions are recorded, and it is a great literary work of 816 pages. “Bushido to Gendai (Bushido and Today)” “Doku o Kurae (Eat the Poison)” “Minshushugi to wa Nanika (What is Democracy?)” “Geijutsu no Imi (The Meaning of Art)” “Shigoto to Jinsei (Work and Human-life)” “Shisei-kan to Jinsei (Life and Death and Live philosophy and Human-life)” are the main theme, and in each chapter a preface written by Shigyo is printed, so that the readers could read the content of each lecture by grasping the essentials in advance. And at the end of each lecture, there is a question and answer session, in which Shigyo sincerely answered to the numerous questions asked by the participants are also recorded. This is one book, which could fully sense the philosophical thought of Shigyo Sosyu “Live Solely by Own-self, and Die Solely by Own-self.”

[Gendai no Kosatsu (A Study of Actuality)]

[Higan-e (To the Sorrowful Prayer)]—Matsushita Konosuke and Today—
Apr. 27, 2019
PHP Institute, Inc. ¥1,980 (including tax) 316 pages 
Favorably on sale at bookstores

The Starting Point of “Humane Operation” is Here.

Shigyo Sosyu, a business-person, inquires once again to the present world, “Higan (Sorrowful Prayer)” of Matsushita Konosuke, one human who built-up the postwar Japan yet died lamenting the future of Japan. What is “Matsushita Philosophy” aiming for the unification of humans and business management? It is one volume closing in on the heart of the straightforward philosophical thought. And this book will be published to commemorate the 30th year of the death of Matsushita Konosuke.

[Higan-e (To the Sorrowful Prayer)]—Matsushita Konosuke and Today—

[Beyond the Wind – The Living Way of Zen and Bushido–]
Dec. 25, 2018 PHP Institute ¥2,200 (including tax) 336 pages 
Favorably on sale at bookstores

Everything is the Void, it is like a flash of lightning cutting through the Spring Wind.

From PHP Institute, a colloquy book titled [Beyond the Wind] by the chief priest Yokota Nanrei, the chief administrator of the Engaku-ji division of the Rinzai-sect of Buddhism, and Shigyo Sosyu, author and business person, will be published. In PartⅠ“Cut Through the Spring Wind” the quintessence of Zen, and in PartⅡ“Gaze at 〈Kū (the Void)〉” closes in on the Wisdom Sutra (Prajnaparamita Sutra), and the Living Way of Bushido in PartⅢ“Philosophy of Yase-gaman (Endurance for the sake of Pride),” and in the last PartⅣ the zenith of Zen and Bushido is fully talked. Please enjoy the ultimate colloquy only the truth seeker could speak.

[Beyond the Wind – The Living Way of Zen and Bushido–]

[Colloquey Kajitsu-Retsuretsu (Summer Sun like the blazing fire, fervently impassioned Summer days) — Hearty Talk of Two Souls —]
Nov. 10, 2018 Kodansha Editorial Ltd.
 ¥2,530 (including tax) 568 pages 
Favorably on sale at bookstores.

Souls diffuse the lighting flash, and the fleshes clash.

A young medical student, Sahori Nobuya who has enthusiastically read Shigyo Sosyu’s literary works from 18 years old, closes in on the quintessence of Shigyo’s philosophical thought, and also the head-on hearty talk on the broad contents of literature, philosophy, religion, life-theory and others are covered, and it came out to be an ultimate colloquy book of 568 pages. It has taken place from the early evening to midnight for three consecutive nights in mid-summer of 2017 and the intensely talking figure of the two itself is manifested also in the book title. Though age, social position and environment of the two lives are completely different, they dash themselves against each other, and talk on the combustion of life.

[Colloquey Kajitsu-Retsuretsu (Summer Sun like the blazing fire, fervently impassioned Summer days) — Hearty Talk of Two Souls —]

[Oh, Popoi! ―Return to the Days―]
Mar. 22, 2017 PHP Institute, Inc. ¥2,530(including tax)
496 pages
Favorably on sale at bookstores

Wish to Live towards Infinity

This book is compiled from the two years serialized interview articles in bimonthly magazine REKISHI-TU (WAC inc.). It narrates a mysterious half a lifetime of the author “Shigyo Sosyu.” It is one volume filled with author’s enthusiasm of love for his “Own Destiny” which he expresses as “Spirit of Nakedness.” We would appreciate it if you take this book in your hands.

The author speaks of his checkered life impassively. The severeness and brightness coexists in his way of life. Thus, an air of bright sorrow is sensed in author’s “Personal Experience.” It is like the white houses shining in distance viewed beyond the perfectly clear blue sea. It must be expressed as sorrow swaying in the bright deep-blue.

―PHP Institute, Inc. Editorial Department

[Oh, Popoi! ―Return to the Days―]

[Philosophy of “Akogare (Adoration)”]
Feb. 3, 2017 PHP Institute, Inc. ¥2,200(including tax)
320 pages
Favorably on sale at bookstores

Here, the Nebula is Dancing.

In this literary work, author’s unique philosophical contemplation on the theme of “Akogare (Longing)” is narrated. It is composed of 4 parts, “Revere the Verticality,” “Cherish the Irrationality,” “Live in Revolution,” “Eat the Books.” Through these themes, contents will lead to the core of the author’s Thought. Contemplating on “Human is the Being that Lives for Akogare (Adoration), Dies for Akogare (Adoration),” this is a work that embraces everlasting affection of the author for “Akogare (Adoration).”

[Thought of “Akogare (Admiration)”]

[Identity of Life] (Volume I・II)
Jan. 8, 2017 KODANSHA EDITORIAL LTD. ¥3,850 each (including tax) Volume I・II are total of 1088 pages
   (Vol. II)978-4-907514-71-6

Favorably on sale at bookstores.

The Book exhaustively narrates the theory of “Combustion of Life” by various themes

In this literary work, the unique theory of “Combustion of Life” is fully narrated by various themes of science, philosophy, living, art and others. And also the author’s long standing studies on the Cosmos・Life・Civilization are exhaustively narrated. This answer-to-query form of literary work is originally based on the dialogue of the author answering the various perspective of queries given from biologists, researchers, university associates and others. This continued dialogue of over ten years has been compiled into two volumes and revised into further readable version. And the newly added 1200 items of annotations by the author, multilayeredly complement the author’s intended meaning of the words. Furthermore, the supplementary answer-to queries, which could not have been included in the chapters, may be read as “Miscellaneous Talk” at the end of the volume.

[Identity of Life] (Volume I)
[Identity of Life] (Volume II)

“The Art of Passion”
Sep. 27, 2016 KODANSHA EDITORIAL LTD. ¥1,760(including tax) 248 pages

Favorably on sale at bookstores.

“Mementos of the Wind” the Art of Enthusiasm of the Japanese linked to History is compiled into a Booklet.

This booklet is composed of three sections, introducing the writings, which express the art thought of Shigyo Sosyu combined with the works (numerous color illustration) of Shigyo Sosyu Collection. Section One is the consecutive interview articles in the monthly opinion magazine [Seiron] (Nov. 2013 ~ Jan. 2014), titled “The Art of Passion” and the fundamental thought constituting Shigyo Sosyu Collection is being spoken. Section Two was planned as the result of good reputation of the interview articles, and it introduces the entire 24 series of color gravure (Feb. 2014 ~ Jan. 2014) of the representative works of the Collection. Section Three introduces the works of Yasuda Yukihiko, which was used as the cover picture of the monthly magazine [Seiron] (Nov. 2011 ~ Jan. 2014), together with the writings of Shigyo Sosyu. In addition, the essays on Yasuda Yukihiko, which Shigyo has written in the past, are included.

Section One: What is The Art of Passion? (The interview articles of [Seiron])

 (The First part): Yasuda Yukihiko―True Heart of the Japanese
 (The Second part): Sho (Calligraphy) is the Man Himself―Soul of the Japanese
 (The Third part): Solitary Artist―Toshima Yasumasa

 Section Two: Mementos of the Wind
 ―― Shigyo Sosyu Collection (Opening page gravures and writings in [Seiron])

Section Three: Heart of Yasuda Yukihiko
([Seiron] Cover picture, writings in gravure pages and other essays)

“The Art of Passion”

“Rou ni Manabu (Learn in Old Age)”
May. 30, 2016 HS Co., Ltd. ¥2,200 (including tax) 208 pages 
Favorably on sale at bookstores.

[Joint authorship]
‘Now is the time to Learn in Rou (Old Age)’ by Shimizu Katsuyoshi
‘Doku o Kurae (Eat the Poison)' by Shigyo Sosyu
‘Aruji o Okosu (Awake the Master of Mind)’by Yoshida Shinsai
‘Kotae wa Monjyo (Nou) ni Ari (Answer is in the Brain)’by Nishida Fumio
‘Shougai no Shi ni Kushiki Kaikou (Fateful Encounter with the Mentor of Lifetime)’ by Terada Issei

Eat the Poison

In this book, the word ‘Rou (Old Age)’ is grasped in the context embracing query of “How to Age.” Five authors who are active in various circles speak on the aging of humans in their own unique viewpoint. As one of the authors, Shigyo Sosyu casts a theory of ‘Doku o Kurae (Eat the Poison) as an antithesis to the presently prevailing erroneous concept of ‘Growing Old.’ Shigyo Sosyu speaks on the righteous way of ‘to Age’ and how one should aim to live in his unique life theory of ‘Rou (Old Age).’

“Rou ni Manabu (Learn in Old Age)”

“Solitary Realism-The Art of Toshima Yasumasa-”
Mar. 10, 2016 KODANSHA EDITORIAL LTD. ¥5,940 (including tax) 430 pages 
Favorably on sale at bookstores.

Now is the time, the value of Toshima’s art must be inquired.

“Solitary Realism―The Art of Toshima Yasumasa―” is the title of the book introducing the art works and the life of Toshima Yasumasa, in a definitive edition. It introduces in color printing, a numerous art works of Toshima, with artistic essays and poetry on Toshima’s art by Shigyo Sosyu, and chronology. And also, contribution thesis by the leading authority on Western art history, Professor Koike Hisako of Kokugakuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy is recorded.

Part I Homage to the Art of Toshima Yasumasa

138 pieces of Toshima’s works are combined with poetry and short composition expressing artistic thought of Toshima, Shigyo Sosyu, with overwhelming impact and volume, he comes into profound contact with Toshima’s art.

Part II Muten ni arazu (Invisible yet it Exists) -The Vestiges of Toshima Yasumasa-

Shigyo Sosyu, who worked together as the model and friend in his last years, has integrated Toshima’s sublime way of life into artistic essay. Including the words of Toshima in his lifetime, his attitude toward the art and the contemplation obtained from his works are introduced.

Part III Toshima Yasumasa Stratum of Existence

Contribution thesis of Professor Koike Hisako of Kokugakuin University is recorded. The leading authority in the study of medieval art and thought, she speaks in her originally written thesis on Toshima Yasumasa’s art, in relation to Spanish art and also the significance of Toshima Yasumasa in the history of art in academic viewpoint.

Part IV Document of “Toshima Yasumasa”

Toshima Yasumasa’s lifetime is described in details. By compiling materials and records preserved by Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa, Toshima’s entire life may be inferred.

“Solitary Realism―The Art of Toshima Yasumasa―”

“Tamashii no Nenshou e (To the Combustion of the Soul)”
Jul. 1, 2015. East Press. ¥1,320 (including tax) 240 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

Never read such Outspoken dialogue before

"Honest" and Outspoken dialogue between Shimizu Katsuyoshi, manager of a unique book store [Dokusho no Susume (Encouragement on Book Reading)] also called as a Book Sommelier, and Shigyo Sosyu, an Author is published.

Two unconventional Men speak uninhibitedly on familiar topics of politics, present Japan, a view of love, about Human faces and Universe. To revitalize this low spirited world, they unleash the stimulus punch and pour over the poisons. For those who wish to fight positively, they will certainly stand behind and support you. This book will illuminate a ray of light into the depressed darkness of your heart.

[Tamashii no Nenshou he (To the Combustion of the Soul)]

“Kongen-e (To the Origin)”
Oct. 29, 2013. KODANSHA LTD. ¥2,530 (including tax) 496 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

"How should one Live and Die?" is queried with Might and Main

By gathering the essence of Philosophy and Literature unrestrictedly and freely, it ultimately conveys the importance of having a view of life and death that is "How should one Live and Die?". Fostered by his reading experiences starting from [Hagakure (a book compiled by Saga Bushi on Bushido)] which Shigyo Sosyu has read at the age of 7. Intellectual organic correlation has quested the Human "Origin". Also his strong will to revive a true Principle of Culture by transcending the barriers of Art, Religion, Science et, al., has embraced the words of 450 historical figures. Starting from this book, how about letting yourself guided into further profound reading experiences?

[Kongen-he (To the Origin)]

“Ikuru (To Live)”
Dec. 12, 2010. KODANSHA LTD. ¥2,530 (including tax) 432 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

What is [Inochi no Kanzen Nenshou (Complete Combustion of Life?)]

What is "Inochi (Life)" ? In this perplexed modern society, this book quests for straight forward way of living.
As Shigyo Sosyu says, "I have written only what I fully comprehend, which I have kept thinking from my elementary school days up to my present age of sixties" , this is well matured book of Practical Philosophy. The refined binding is by Kikuchi Nobuyoshi and it is favorably keeping a long-seller. This is recommended for one who would like to, savor the philosophy of Shigyo Sosyu for the first time, and who are curious about what is Complete Combustion of Life Energy? There are full of queries on the Material civilization prevailing today.

[Ikuru (To Live)]

“Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)”
Dec. 12, 2010. KODANSHA LTD. ¥2,530 (including tax) 456 pages Favorably on sale at bookstores.

Jewels of Verses and Essays will Enlighten the Lost Heart

Jewels of 45 verses will recover lost heart of Modern humans. Shigyo Sosyu calls his favorite and cherished verses as his friends and expresses his affection toward each verses in essays.

"The reason why I cherish verses is that they have hidden power to bring beauty to the way of human life". With this romanticism of the author, how about savoring the verses of all ages and countries in their original text? Book bindings being in set with [Ikuru (To Live)] designed by Kikuchi Nobuyoshi, and both are concurrently on sale. The photographs of auther’s favorite items, reminiscent books and artworks are included in the text.

[Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)]

“Miyo Ginmaku ni (Mementos in the Cinema) – Sosyu Recommended Cinemas - ”
Oct. 15, 2003. Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa ¥6,500 (including tax) 718 pages 

Homage to a Greatest Legacy of the 20th century ' The Art of Screen Image '

" Cinema is Human Life itself ". This is the very word to express his affection to the cinema. He himself asks consent on his [dogmatic and prejudiced] unique personal opinion, and tremendous effort is dedicated to this cinema book. Choice selection of 702 pieces (as of Feb. 2014) of cinemas and also TV drama series are summarized with his personal view in one page reading enjoyment. Index is fully categorized by titles, film directors and actors, for the convenience of the readers.

[Miyo Ginmaku ni (Look at the Silver Screen) – Sosyu Recommended Cinemas - ]

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